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Knitter's Pride Circular Needles Bamboo 40 Inch

Knitter's Pride Bamboo Fixed Circular Needles - Knitter's Pride Bamboo needles feature a high tensile strength, are lightweight, strong and flexible. Made from the finest of Japanese Bamboo, our "Soft to Touch" Bamboo range carries our signature sharp points that when combined with the fabulous, smooth finish, gears you up for hours of a no-stress, comfortable and satisfying experience. These needles have 24 Karat gold plated connectors, flexible cords that lay flat with no kink or twist, and have a smooth join that ensures easy stitch gliding with no snagging as you knit. The crowning glory of our glossy Bamboo circulars (both fixed and interchangeable) are the 24K Gold Plated metal connectors on the needles and the cables. Needles in this range are available from US 0 (2.0mm) - US 15 (10.0mm)