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Ultra Alpaca

Ultra Alpaca is a happy combination of two fibers that we love. Alpaca is wonderfully soft and warm. Wool has warmth and resilience. By putting the two together, Berroco has made a yarn that is terrifically warm and cozy but holds its shape better than some 100% alpaca yarns. Ultra Alpaca is the ideal balance of luxurious super fine alpaca and Peruvian Highland wool blended together and spun up perfectly round and light. There are 72 incredible shades chosen to resemble plant-dyed colors. Our range of colors includes solid shades, natural heather shades and the irresistible jewels of the collection, dyed heather shades. Each is beautiful on its own or combined in endless possible color work combinations. Explore the rest of the Ultra Alpaca family, Ultra Alpaca Chunky and Ultra Alpaca Light.